How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Mobile App 2024: A Detailed Guide

In 2005, apps were in their infancy with a choice of only 500 apps. Fast forward to today, there are 3.3 million apps on the Google Play Store. The figure is close to similar on the Apple App Store. From shopping in-store on the go to meditative apps to help us sleep, there are apps for almost every part of our lives. 


The increase in smartphone ownership is the main driving force. According to Statista, there are 6.3 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. With such demand, it’s not surprising every digital business is investing in mobile app development. However, when talking about investments - how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? This is the most commonly asked question among people looking for mobile app development services. 


This guide aims to give a comprehensive answer along with a few extra details of the associated factors that affect mobile app development cost. 


To put it in one line, the tentative cost to make a mobile app can range from $25,000 to $300,000 and it can exceed in case of customized complex features. Customized complex features will include features, functionalities, development approaches, and more. Once you will get familiar with these factors it will be easier for you to estimate how much it costs to develop a mobile app. 


So let’s usher in and check out some popular apps and their development costs.


Tinder is a geosocial networking and dating app with around 67 million annual downloads. The app offers a schematic design that allows users to swipe left and right and connect with people. The average mobile app development cost of a dating app like Tinder will range between $50,000 - $100,000, with features such as -  

  • Login pages
  • In-app messaging
  • GPS location
  • In-app payment gateway


Airbnb is an application for renters and people needing accommodation within a location for a specific period. Airbnb grew from raising a seed fund of $20,000 to having a valuation of $30 billion. The app offers quite an impressive range of features including - a Calendar, Reminders, Reviews and Ratings, extra Filters for targeted search, and many others. Feeling inclined to develop a similar app? The cost to build an Airbnb-like app will range from $45,000 - $100,000 and will require a 1000-hour timeline.


Coursera is an e-learning platform. The app has gained amazing popularity among students and teachers due to the exceptional features it offers. The app offers a range of skill and personal development courses and university degrees across the globe. It will cost around $55,000 - $120,000 to come up with a Coursera-like mobile app development. 


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Top Factors that Impact Your Mobile App Development Cost

When set out to build an app you can not expect your software development company to give exact costs right off the bat. This can be a little tough approach when dealing in the field of mobile app development services With the above-shared examples, it’s clear that the app's complexity and features play a significant role in affecting the mobile app development cost. To simplify it for you, we’ve curated all the major factors that affect the overall cost of mobile application development. 

App Category

The answer to how much it costs to make an app can vary depending on the app category. Major factors of category - users, functionalities, and security criteria all lead to varying costs to develop an app. Let’s take a quick look at the top app categories for mobile app development.

ECommerce/MCommerce Apps

Amazon or Etsy e-commerce applications are at the peak of their popularity. The tons of features enable the application to perform in real-time and handle millions of users at once with robust security. 

For instance, Nayyar Fashion is a global e-commerce website and mobile application crafted by APPNWEB. Nayyar Fashion is a women’s fashion B2B website that has expanded its presence and serves thousands of people.  

Social Networking Apps

When considering mobile app development costs, social media apps are developed with third-party integration and also have features such as camera accessibility and audio recorders, contact access, et al. They are highly scalable and have the ability to serve millions of users at a time. As a result, social media app costs are a little higher as compared to less complex apps.

OnDemand Apps

On the very basic OnDemand apps have three versions - for users, for individuals offering services, and for businesses. Above and beyond, Gaming and Learning apps can cost from $60,000 - $250,000.

Type of Platform

When getting started with mobile application development, it’s important to decide on a platform. Lock your deal with any mobile app development services but first decide on the type of platform. Platform choices have a significant impact on the total cost of app development. Depending on your target audience, you’ll need to decide on iOS, Android, Web, or Cross-platform applications. When you’re a startup with a minimal budget, it’s better to opt for the most suitable platform and shift gradually with growth. 


Here are the most known platforms you can choose from for mobile app development.

Native App Platform (iOS & Android)

Native applications run on a single platform - Android or iOS. iOS app development will happen on Swift and Objective C. Whereas Android development is done in Java or Kotlin. Native apps are efficient but require more time to develop. That is why clients who have limited budgets and timelines prefer a hybrid app development approach for mobile apps.

Web App Platform

Apps like Progressive Apps are proven to be much more efficient as compared to native apps. PWAs are a great alternative for small-size companies and startups with minimal resources. Such apps can be deployed on a single codebase and can be maintained by one team. Progressive app development costs can range from $13,000 - $250,000.

Cross Platform

Developing an app for both iOS and Android simultaneously is the new cost-efficient trend. Cross-platform offers the benefit of easy fit and smooth operation. This helps create a better experience and lowers the mobile app development cost.

Choice of a Team

A startup or established leader needs a unique product. The total mobile application development cost heavily depends on who you choose for the app development. There are several options available at hand - a well-versed app development company, an in-house development team, a local team, or freelance mobile app developers. The location of your app developers also plays a crucial role in the overall pricing of app development.



App Development Cost (Hourly)


20 - 40$

Eastern Europe

30 - 50$

Western Europe

80 - 100$

United Kingdom

80 - 120$

United States

80 - 170$


100 - 200$


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Mobile App Complexity

The simpler the application the less time you’ll need for the development and the less the mobile app development cost. Project complexity will include factors such as number of screens, project size, buttons, functions, level of business logic, and connectivity with other apps. The average cost of developing a simple app will range from $4500 - $50,000 with basic features. A list of basic features will include - Signup/Login, Profile setting and editing, Search, Notifications/Messages, and Dashboard/Admin Panel. 


The cost of a medium complex app will vary from $50,000 - $120,000. Why is Bentley Motors more expensive than Porsche? Similarly, the mobile app development cost will be affected by the number of features, reliability, accessibility, and database will affect the application service and hence the cost. 


A highly complex feature-rich app can cost from $80,000 - $300,000. These apps are designed for big businesses using the latest technology AR/ML and AI. 


  • Data Synchronization 
  • Following the User’s Eye Pattern
  • Online Streaming
  • Color and Layout Psychology
  • In-app calls
  • Excellent Speed
  • High-level security 

These are a few of the features that can be developed with the aforementioned budget.

Features & Functionality

Features and functionalities of an app are the right path to knowing how much it costs to build an Android app or iOS. The base cost for app development will always vary according to the features and functionalities of the application. 


Therefore, it’s advisable to mainly focus on the core features in the initial version of the app. In the process of mobile app development services hardware features, User login and engagement, Geolocation, Payments, Maps, and Data encryption functionalities influence the complexity of the whole app.

Animation and App Design

The next factor that adds to the question of how much it costs to develop a mobile app is animation and design. When deciding on app design we generally have two options - Custom and Standard UI. As the name suggests, custom UI is a little more complex than Standard UI; which makes it more expensive. 


For instance, APPNWEB, one of the best mobile app development services, has designed an innovatively unique feature app for PharmDel. Exclusive functionalities and medicine delivery right at the customer’s doorstep. The app’s conversion rate has greatly increased, through these engaging app designs.

App Maintenance & Additional Services

At APPNWEB we always include maintenance & future changes as part of the app development process, so you can count on us to be on hand when in need. Maintenance is a critical service even if you’re not planning to scale your app anytime soon. 


Businesses will have to keep up with the trends and make changes according to the new devices and OS. Hence, increasing your cost of development. Design changes and app bug fixing will take your budget post-app development.

Code Reuse

Reusing code is one of the factors that can bring the mobile app development cost down. When businesses decide to reuse the code from an existing app the development cost becomes much less. 


However, the experts at APPNWEB only prefer to reuse the code of common elements like login, contact us section, and develop the rest from scratch. The cost of app development when the existing code is used can be 15 - 30% less than the cost of an app coded from scratch.

How Much Does it Cost - Calculation Technique

Knowing how much it costs to develop a mobile app is not enough. As expenses will not stop even after the app launch you need to understand how much it costs to maintain an app and be prepared for it. 


The formula for calculating app development time will include the number of hours multiplied by the hourly rate. 


Total Development Time * Hourly Rate = Cost


Usually, app development companies use two main charging approaches; fixed charge and time and material. Fixed charges are mostly used for small projects with a strict timeline and predefined scope. Whereas time and material is a more flexible approach.

Hidden Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost

In this section, we will discuss the hidden factors of cost to develop a mobile app. When working as a mobile app developer, these costs can often be overlooked, but they can significantly impact the overall cost of mobile development services.

Infrastructure Cost

App development requires more than just creating the user interface. A robust infrastructure is necessary to ensure the app works smoothly and efficiently. Infrastructure costs will increase the expense of data storage, hosting, and data delivery. 

App Publishing Cost

When submitting an app to the Play Store, users will have to make a $25 one-time payment. Apple App Store, on the other hand, charges $99 per year.

Quality Assurance

Depending on the size and complexity of the app, you may also need to consult a quality assurance team. This step will also require you to hire a business analyst to help you keep the development cost low within your budget.

IT Support Cost

It’s vital to have a technical support team ready after launching the mobile app. However, the cost will increase with time. The support services will include bug fixes, API maintenance, and other small issues.

How Can APPNWEB Help You With Mobile App Development Cost Estimation?

So, what’s the estimated cost of mobile app development services? Well, it’s quite evident that there’s no one clear-cut prediction of mobile app development cost. All the aforementioned factors should help you gauge a nearly accurate cost for turning your innovative app into a reality. 


In case, you’re still feeling confused about the final cost of mobile development, consulting a reliable source is always the best approach. Connect with a reliable mobile app development company APPNWEB to get the best and accurate idea of the cost of developing a mobile app. 


Offering mobile app development services is an exorbitant process. It takes specialized skills and experience to build a mobile app. If you’re looking to boost your business through a mobile app, you need a mobile app development company to bring your ideas into reality. 

FAQs on Mobile App Development Cost

How to reduce app development costs?

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of your mobile app development services by applying a few industry practices and useful tricks. 


  • Prioritizing features
  • Early involvement in quality control
  • Future scaling and investment planning
  • Opt for cross-platform app development
  • Hire skilled testers
  • Regular troubleshooting

How much does it cost to build Android and iOS mobile apps?

If you ask a mobile app developer, the average cost to build an Android app can range between $5000 - $300,000 and will vary depending on the complexity and development time cycle of the app.

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

On average, any app can take from 2 months to 9 months to develop. This timeframe can increase depending on the twists and features you’re adding to the app. However, for detailed insights on application development services, you can directly connect with a mobile app development company.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

After the first year of the launch, the cost of maintaining an app can be 40-50% of the initial cost of app development. Years later, the budget for app maintenance can be somewhere between 15% to 30% of the initial cost.

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