Top 10 Website Development Trends Small Businesses Should Adopt in 2024

Website Development Trends

In the dynamic landscape of technology, web development stands as a leading edge. Continuously adapting to changes and innovations. As a small business owner, your website is your first point of contact and it should leave a lasting impression. With our approach to futurism, developers at APPNWEB help organizations shape strategic business agendas and move toward tomorrow.


Your pain as a business owner is real - the pressure to deliver cutting-edge products, and stay competitive while keeping up with evolving user expectations. But what if we told you there’s an easy way to navigate this complex terrain? This piece will share insights on website development trends to ease your pain and spark inspiration. 


Whether you’re a product owner or a seasoned developer seeking to drive innovation, this is your roadmap to success.   

Minimalistic Design Elements

Using minimalist design trends allows for a clean, uncluttered, and user-friendly digital space. More white space is used intentionally to highlight content. Additionally, visual art plays a more significant role in effectively showcasing your services. 


Using minimum design elements on web pages makes it airer and conceptually easier to digest. This helps small businesses to highlight their core message, unique products, and exceptional services.

Adoption of GraphQL

Developed by Facebook and open-sourced in 2015, GraphQL has revolutionized the way we interact with APIs. With efficient and precise data query GraphQL was designed to overcome the limitations of REST APIs. 


As 2024 approached GraphQL is being famously adopted by GitHub and Shopify. A significant amount of momentum is building around it, and it promises to play a major role in WordPress development in the future.  

Progressive Web Apps

Blurring lines between websites and mobile apps, PWAs are dominating the industry. Offering rapid load time, excellent push notifications, and offline access PWAs can provide immersive user experience across various devices and platforms. 


Ever visited the Uber website? Netflix, Forbes, or Twitter? Visiting these sites will make you understand that PWAs are more about less loading time, smooth working, and a linear user experience. Thus making PWA one of the strongest contenders of website development trends in 2024. 

Motion UI & Micro Interactions

Motion UI is another significant trend in web development to craft engaging and visually interactive interfaces. Motion UI uses animations, transitions, scrolling hovers, backgrounds, and other dynamic components. 


Additionally, motion UI helps developers avoid being distracted by gradients and heavy elements and sets the content and hierarchy correctly. There are a few other benefits of motion UI & micro-interactions:

  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Visual hierarchy and focus
  • Improved user feedback
  • Delightful & memorable experience
  • Brand differentiation

Real-World Engagement

Augmented reality is no longer imaginative or science fiction stuff; it’s a compelling tool for businesses trying to bridge the gap between online and offline experience. 


Don’t be intimidated by technology, augmented reality can turn passive browsing into active engagement. Often constrained by the budget, small businesses find it hard to keep up with these high-cost tech trends. The good news is that it’s easily feasible.


Theme & Templates

Website templates today are incredibly advanced and allow a high degree of change without charging a fortune from your pocket.


Optimizing your website to rank higher and reach a wider audience is within your grasp now. There are countless free tools and effective tutorials are available to understand and implement best SEO practices. 

Content Management System (CMS)

Widely used systems, WordPress and Shopify are designed for the use of small business owners to easily manage their web content without the extra support of developers.

Zero Trust Architecture

One of the website development trends you can bet on in 2024 is zero trust architecture (ZTA). Cybersecurity is more critical than ever in web and app development. With an increasing number of cyberattacks, ZTA is emerging as a popular security model that assumes no user or device is trustworthy - regardless of the settings, location, or network. 

Mode and Color Shifts

Mode switch is more than a trendy visual switch; it’s an approach towards accessibility and aesthetics finding a delicate balance. For 2024, dark mode has gone mainstream in the list of website development trends and now is the time to consider if it suits your business.

Rise of the Internet of Behavior (IoB)

For a few years now IoT has been on the rise and there are indications it’s poised for rapid advancements in 2024. However, the Internet of Behavior is a relatively new trend. It’s merging technology and psychology to closely understand user behavior. 


While there aren’t specific IoB applications, the trend will use data collected from online activities to form a tailored online experience.   


For those looking to harness these trends and craft impactful and cutting-edge website experiences, collaborating with experts from APPNWEB can be a game changer for you. Let’s start a conversation. 

Thanks for reading!

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