Top 6 React native app development techniques

React native app development

In mobile app development, the React native framework has gotten significant attention. With a huge community of developers, it’s showing a relevant growth in popularity in the last 5 years. Its most prominent features, reusable components, and huge developer community make React Native one of the top mobile app development frameworks.  


This piece aims to provide you with techniques that will aid you in your React Native app development projects. Whether you’re a pro coder or just getting started, these techniques will help you develop fully optimized React Native apps. So, let’s get right into it.

What is React Native?

React Native or RN Javascript-based framework allows developers to write real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. There are several reasons why React has become a global success.

  • It allows users to create just once and use the code to power both their iOS and Android apps - saving huge amounts of time and resources. 
  • It was built on Javascript, which was already very popular.
  • The framework empowered developers to build robust, production-ready apps for mobile platforms. 

Understand the Process of React Native App Development

React Native utilizes Javascript’s familiarity and component-based architecture with quicker development methodologies. Developing a successful React Native app requires following certain best practices to ensure high-quality performance.

Never Jump Right into the Development Process

Your trip will start with configuring the development environment. This includes installing prerequisite tools - Node.js, React Native CLI, and platform-specific tools such as Android Studio or Xcode.

Start with the Project

As discussed already, react native relies on JavaScript. Ensure you have Node.js installed with its package manager. You can also download it from the official website of Node.js if needed.

Install the Create React Native App CLI

Using CRNA simplifies the creation of projects and streamlines the development process. You can install it globally using npm or yarn - npm install -g create-react-native-app.

Write Javascript Code

Write code of fundamental logic and business functions in Javascript. React’s declarative syntax and component-based approach ensure reusable code across multiple platforms.

Testing Strategies

Use Jest, Appium, or Jasmine to plan a robust testing strategy. The comprehensive testing process involves the use of simulation and physical devices.

Deployment Process

Once adequately tested the app will be ready for deployment. Furthermore, use industry-known tools such as CodePush to enable over-the-air updates and bug fixing. 

React Native App Development Techniques

According to the Stackoverflow developers survey for 2023, React Native comes in the top 10 list of the most popular frameworks used by developers worldwide. 


Maximizing the efficiency of the React Native app is crucial for ensuring a seamless user experience. After having all-inclusive discussions with our developers we’ve gathered some helpful tips on the best techniques to help you. So, let’s dive in. 

Balance Animations

In any development process animation is a demanding task, and this holds true for React as well. Primarily, React Native holds two threads - the JS thread for executing JavaScript code and the main thread for rendering UI and responding to user input. 


The animation runs on a thread by default. A heavy animation on the main thread can lead to performance issues. In such scenarios, consider shifting the animation on the JS thread and also use the below-shared solutions.

  • Remove third-party Javascript
  • Use WebWorkers
  • Code splitting and minifying CSS

Avoid Unnecessary Rendering

Avoiding unnecessary re-rendering is a proven technique in React native app development. Whenever the app function starts re-rendering, the JS thread creates a bundle file and passes it through the RN bridge. The more your app will re-render, the more passes will occur affecting your app’s performance. 

Use Stable NPM Package

npm is the world's largest software registry. It contains 800,000 code packages and can be used without any registration. When working on React Native app development, it’s advised to use smaller size npm packages. 


Identify different types of npm packages that provide the same functionality. Check the package size and number of releases. Regular releases mean active maintenance by developers.

Optimize Images

Large image files will significantly impact your app’s overall performance. Use react native compressor npm package to optimize images. Apply SVG icons and images on devices with limited memory resources. 


Furthermore, use WebP, a modern image format developed by Google. It efficiently reduces the size of the image without compromising quality.

Use Stylesheet to the Component

React Native stylesheet is a way of styling an application with Javascript code. The stylesheet's main function concerns the structuring of components in the applications. 


Utilizing the Stylesheet module to style components allows creating an object only during the initial call. It enables subsequent calls to use earlier created style object references. This approach makes the code easier to read and helps reduce the creation of style objects for every re-rendering. 

Memoize Expensive Functions

Memoization is a technique used in programming to optimize performance by caching the results of function calls and returning the results when the same input occurs again. If your app has complex calculations that consume more time than expected to execute, consider memoization of expensive functions with libraries. 


That’s a wrap to our guide to react native app development techniques!


Packed with performance, versatility, and speed React Native is becoming a beast of frameworks. As we steer ahead into the war, we’re foreseeing the rise of a new generation of RN applications rooted in resilience and robustness.  


Ready to accelerate your business with React Native apps? Hire our certified experts today!

Thanks for reading!

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