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Startup is a buzz word among today’s generation and attracts lot of limelight but very few knows that Startup is like riding a Tiger which demands of founders to handle thousands of things at the same time with equal priority matrix in place which often leaves them stressed out , Across the globe , every Startup eco system thus recommends early stage mentoring for first time entrepreneurs and founders to get advice and counseling on shaping their idea, get the product strategy in place, identify the market audience , tune the entry barriers alongside raising a suitable capital for growth.

360* Startup Consulting and Mentoring Services

We are a boutique consulting company that helps start-ups in the initial period of their evolution and conceptualization; we provide our assistance with the services that really matters for the first time entrepreneurs as they juggle to handle various things at the same time.
Our expert team with over 40 years of cumulative experience works as part of the founders and entrepreneurs team right from planning, go to market , scaling and growth stage with abundant on ground experience and relevant insights for product planning, developing core strengths, creating entry barriers and forecasting market penetration for their new dream project.

Our Services

1. Mentoring

Our expert team sits with the founders with whiteboard approach to draw a complete vision document till Go to Market plan, they share core insights on key aspects of the projects and also help in right networking and resource optimization.

2. Business Plan Readiness

Business plans are a must for any Startup as they help their customers, marketers and even investors to understand the vision of the founders, strength of the product and company and effective traction ability of the product, we help entrepreneurs in developing a compact yet powerful Business plan that translates their vision in to the right words to communicate what they are about to disrupt in the existing market very conveniently to all stakeholders.

3. Financial planning and commercial sheets for investors

Financial plans enables the investors to calculate the value creation and related efficiency of any given product that is trying to disrupt the market, these plans have intricate messages that helps the investors to gaze the vision along with a realistic preview and thus are very important for any founder or first time entrepreneur, our expert team sits with founders and helps them in crafting a prudent financial plan for their start-up with future projections at top line and bottom line , we also advise founders on the relevant formalities.

4. Pitch Deck

Pitch decks are very compact business presentations that gives a quick insight in to the product USP, potential market, competition, info on Team etc and are generally used by the founders to showcase their product’s info with the investors, they are very important as they are the first tool available with the investors to ascertain the value and efficiency of the product and the team. Our team helps founders to design a relevant pitch deck that covers all major aspects of the product in minimum slides with effective design elements to communicate the story about the product most aptly.

5. Marketing, Branding and PR Assistance

Early stage Branding, Marketing and PR are very important for any Startup that has gain some traction, it’s very critical to reach to the next level and as the budgets are always limited , it’s important that the founders of such start-ups plans it very carefully .
Our team consults the founders on effective PR assistance program that includes preparing the press releases, design the mission statement , logo and brand collaterals etc along with designing a core brand strategy that communicate the central message of the brand in universal tandem.
Our Digital marketing team assists the founders to reach to their desired market audience in an optimized manner through innovative tools of Online Marketing with limited budget.

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