Writing content for your website! Know Where to Place Keywords for SEO

By APPNWEB Technologies | December 14, 2021

Search engines use keywords to jump on the top results. It is very necessary to understand the use and placement of keyword in content for SEO purpose. If you are not doing this then you are already running behind and losing business.

The number of Google searches per day has gone up more than double of what it used to be before pandemic. Study shows that 95% of the people only check the sites on first page results and do not click on next. So, it becomes important to be found, indexed and rank on the first page of Google.

Keywords Placement

Even when you are using keywords in content writing, if you are not utilizing them correctly, you could attract the wrong traffic to your website. We have laid out a proper roadmap to help you in putting the keywords at the right place to rank higher on Google. It will help you in analyzing where to place and use the right keywords.

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  • Meta Description

A Meta description (20-25 words) is the brief of what your content is about. It is visible under a URL and page name in any search. Adding focus keyword for SEO here helps Google to filter the results better. This does well for both readers and search engine bots.

  • URL

Most people overlook the addition of focus keyword in URL. For example, in WordPress, the editor automatically creates an URL for you. Make sure to review it and edit the URL to be relevant to your page and content. URLs that are descriptive of the content within a page are more likely to reach the right audience.

  • Meta Title

It’s not obvious that everybody reads the URL but they do read the title. So try to place the keyword naturally in the title of your written piece, as Google pairs this title header with the Meta description to understand about your content.

  • First and Last 100-200 Words

Try to add primary keyword in the first paragraph because:

  • Study show that most of the readers only continue reading an article if the introduction interests them,
  • Many experts believe that Google gives more weightage to first 200 words in the content as it is the introduction of what is going to be discussed further in the article.

As they say ‘Finish strong’! Add a keyword at the end in your last paragraph.

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  • Headings & Subheadings

Make sure that your content has subheadings especially if it is 350 or more words long, for readability and legibility purpose. And then add focus keyword in these subheadings. Don’t overdo it and don’t repeat keywords.

  • Throughout the Content

Whether Google ranking is SEO-centric, you cannot forget about the reader. Without compromising the readability, try to insert keywords naturally throughout your content; use stop words. And again, don’t overdo it, stick to 1% keyword density.

Practicing the above mentioned points in your writing will definitely help you rank in the first page of Google. If you are not able to reach your target, you can always reach out to us.

How many Keywords to use in your content?

Google algorithms are always changing so there’s no exact data of how many keywords should you use in your content. That’s why this question is often discussed and argued about among SEOs. The most close to accurate answer to this question depends on the length of your content and the relevancy of keyword with it. Try to include the primary keyword in first 100-200 words and the secondary and additional keywords throughout the content.

Let’s assume you are writing a 1000 words article. Then you can put around 7-10 keywords in content writing. Do not repeat any keyword. Aim for the balance between SEO and readability in your content.

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