Useful Tips to Get Ready for a Successful Mobile App Launch

By APPNWEB Technologies | July 14, 2017

Mobile App Development is a constant process and mobile app launch doesn’t mean that you are done with your job. Well, the responsibility has just started.  From idea generation to selecting the mobile app development method and having its development, its just the half work done. To make your app successful, you have to pay attention to mobile app launch. If you can launch your mobile app right, you can surely expect great success. Make sure, it is a powerful launch!!

So if you have got a mobile app designed around a unique concept and you are all set to launch it then this post is perfect for you. We bring to you the very useful tips that help you set the stage for a successful mobile app launch. Here you go!!!!

Amazing Tips for a Successful Mobile App Launch:


     1. Start with Pre-Launch Marketing

While the mobile app development is still on, start building audience for your mobile app. This would require you to create a pre-launch buzz.

     2. Unveil a Website To Tell About Your App

This is quite an interesting way to launch your mobile app. You can have a website designed for your mobile application. This site would share all the important information about the application which is yet to be launched. Share the concept, talk about the features to create awareness about the app with your target base.

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     3. Design a Landing Page

This is an another marketing promotional tactic to tell people about your app. All you need is an email id field and have it filled with people who find your app interesting. This way you will have your target customers ready before the launch.

     4. Market on Social Media

Social media has proved to be a strong tool for marketing. You can utilize different social media platforms to talk about your mobile app. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram let you create a profile and share all necessary details in the context of your mobile application. This is a quick and easy way to connect with your prospects and also interact with them.

     5. Press Release Counts

Make your mobile app successful with a press release. This is an another interesting way of informing the audiences about your app before the launch. You can easily submit your press releases across various sites. Don’t forget to share it with editors of leading newspapers and magazines to keep the buzz going. This would surely help you set the stage for your mobile application in the best possible way.

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     6. Keep Your Help Desk All Set

Don’t miss on having a help desk. It is an important so that target audiences can get in touch with you to enquire about the app. Not only this, when the mobile app goes live, you will have comments, suggestions, and queries flowing in. So this is another important thing you must have on your list before the launch, to make the launch a success.

     7. Work on ASO Strategy

To get high ranks with the App Store, you must work on App Store Optimization or ASO. This will again help you make your app popular.

     8. Highlight App Features With a Video

Who has got the time to read? They are all in a hurry and video is the key to get their attention. Yes, you can have a short and attractive video recorded just for your mobile app. This is an interesting way to talk about the features of your app and explain them well, ruling out the room for confusion. Talk about the concept, unique features and you have done your job right.




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