Top 7 Reasons Why People Uninstall Your Apps

By APPNWEB Technologies | September 29, 2017

It might sound surprising to you but more than 90% of the users uninstall the mobile applications after 30 days of downloading it. Mobile app developers and companies put in their hard work and invest their money in order to acquire users but despite all the efforts, people uninstall your apps. There are of course various reasons behind uninstalling app and this post highlights 7 important reasons.

Complicated Registration Experience

Users look for simplicity. If the registration process on your app is complicated then chances of high uninstall rate are brighter. Here are some reasons which make registration process a bad experience:

  • Requiring too much information which makes the process lengthy and annoying
  • Missing localization of app which adds on to making it a difficult process for users
  • Compelling registration through social media which users want to avoid

Unhappy On-Board Experience

If the on-board experience is not good then your app cannot keep the users on the app. Here are a few reasons which contribute in making it a bad experience for users:

  • Irrational flow of the application
  • Complex process of registration
  • Use of low quality images
  • Use to excessive text which annoys users
  • Loading each page with lots of features, making it a complicated web

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Excessive Push Notifications and In-app Messages

Both these things are very helpful in ensuring amazing engagement of users but they have to be used in the most effective manner. Using excessive push notifications or not using in-app messages wisely can be a big turn off for the users. It is extremely important for mobile app developers to use them right so that they enhance engagement.

Privacy Matters

Privacy has always been a very important concern and when users don’t feel safe with their personal information, they end up uninstalling the app. Therefore, it is not healthy to ask for too much personal details. Avoid seeking details which are in no way related with your mobile app. Keep it limited and don’t push the limits too hard as this would compel your user to uninstall the app.

Unable to Deliver What It Should

It is very important that your app should be able to do what it claims to do. In case, your app is not able to deliver what it promises to then be prepared to have unsatisfied and unhappy users installing the app. So make sure that whatever promises your app makes, all of these promises are fulfilled to the best possible levels.

Errors and Functional Issues

If the app crashes while working then the user will feel annoyed and will be compelled to uninstall the app. It is extremely important for app developers to ensure that the app is free from errors and crashes to have healthy experience. For this, one must check the mobile app from time to time to look for errors.

No Regular Updates

It is very much important to update the app from time to time. This would not only take care of all the errors present but will also uplift the user experience. You must stay updated with issues faced by the users and work on them to rectify them. When users know that the company is listening to them, the stay or else they simply uninstall.

These are 7 very important reasons which lead to uninstalling the app. APPNWEB Technologies is a wonderful Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur which designs apps that are free from all these issues. Feel free to contact us if you also wish to have a smart mobile app designed for your business.




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