Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

By APPNWEB Technologies | May 31, 2017

Every year is a year of new developments and trends. And if we talk about Mobile App Development then surely 2017 is expected to unfold some exciting tends. In this post, we have discussed top 7  Mobile App Development Trends that we are sure to see ruling the markets this year. We will see the best of the mobile app developers using these trends to win the competition. With changing technology and needs of the market, these changes are going to have a strong impact on the mobile apps and we cannot miss on it!!!

So in case you have a mobile app or you are planning mobile application for your business, stay updated with these trends.

7 Amazing Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

Let us read through these mobile application trends that are not to be missed in 2017…..

  • Advancement in Micro Apps and Enterprise Apps

The purpose of a micro app is to fulfill specific operations and therefore, it is designed to take lesser load. Whereas an enterprise app is designed with an intention to manage and streamline business processes. In 2017, we are expected to see further advancement in both the kinds of mobile applications. More and more businesses are going for enterprise apps as they find them good for their business.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

After the launch of AMP project by Google, another announcement has been made by the company. Google will come up with an independent search index just for mobile web. This is quite a big change which will affect Mobile App Development greatly. Mobile App Developers will have to stay abreast with this change. This is so because apps supported with Google AMP will load faster on mobiles. They will have more added advantages in comparison with other mobile applications.

  • Stronger Security in Mobile Apps

We cannot expect hackers not to fiddle with security of the mobile apps, not to steal confidential information. Therefore, mobile app development trends in 2017 highlight stronger security. Mobile App Developers will be working harder to ensure that every app they design comes with a promise of safety. Or else the success of the mobile app will always be under doubt. This is another trend to watch out this year.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development Trends will attract more investments in 2017. It is pretty clear from the moves of market giants acquiring small startups working on AI. We are expected to experience mobile apps with cognitive interfaces and high level analytics. They will again be a very big change to experience.

  • M-Commerce Getting More Preference

Customers engaged in online shopping through Mobile Applications have been using internet banking or Credit/ Debit cards to make payments. But with introduction of Apple Pay and Google Wallet, customers are gradually shifting to m-commerce. And this is expected to be another trend in this year as it will be paired with wearable devices. Not only this will be a more comfortable payment option for customers but it will also be a good way to collection data and have analysis for the companies.

  • Introduction of Android Instant Apps

Another amazing trend that will change the world of mobile applications is Android Instant Apps. Google in its recent announcement introduced Android Instant Apps help Android apps. These apps don’t need to be downloaded or installed rather they can run instantly on your mobile phone. This will surely save users from the process of downloading and installing. These ready to run applications will motivate them to try apps as they will neither need to be downloaded nor saved on the device.

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  • Increase in Cloud Drive Mobile Applications

Mobile App Developers are designing cloud driven mobile apps. With increasing use of cloud technology, it has become so much easier and quicker to get data without letting your internal phone memory get wasted. With Dropbox, Google Drive and various other cloud apps, more and more mobile apps will be cloud driven. Experts expect the traffic to increase manifold as it offers great convenience.

So observe and utilize these Mobile App Development Trends in the market in 2017.  Stay tuned with how the world of mobile applications and mobile app development changes with time!!!




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