Top 7 Keys to Providing Consulting Services to Startups

By APPNWEB Technologies | May 05, 2017

Startup Consulting Services aim to bridge a gap between the startup company and its goals. You have your business plan ready but you are stuck with finances or marketing. In such a case, consulting services to startups review your business plan and come up with suggestions. They provide best of assistance in different fields to help you attain your goals.

Being a Startup Consulting in India then you have a significant role to play. First of all, as a startup consulting services provider, you have to lead them by example. This is so because companies which are a part of startup incubator are loaded with work with lesser number of staff. Therefore, APPNWEB Technologies offers affordable Startup Consulting Services in Jaipur or anywhere else in the world, you have to focus on more activities. You can no longer keep on following the traditional model of working.  You must understand that with time, there have been various changes that you also need to adapt with. So in order to make things work, you have to help yourself with these changes. Listed below are 7 essential points that every startup consulting service provider must follow.

Essential 7 Keys to Providing Startup Consulting Services:

  1. Changing Roles

Times have changed. Gone are those days when companies would hire personnel for lifetime. These days everything is subjective to the situation and hence, companies hire as per changing conditions. So you must understand that the model of traditional consulting no long exists and now freelance execution has come into picture.

  1. Opt Project Centric Revenue Structure

A good startup consultant would always focus on the output. What we are trying to highlight is that you should make agreements which are based on completion of project. Charging your client on hourly basis for your consultancy services is not a great idea. Moreover, you must focus on giving results rather than simply submitting your recommendations for the client to act on. While they work, you be a part of the process. This would surely promise greater success in the project you are working on.

  1. Be a Specialist

To make the difference, it is important to change your title from a consultant to a specialist. This clearly highlights that you are a specialist from a certain field and you have more potential in helping the client than simply making recommendations and suggestions on the issue or situation. Specialist is a stronger profile compared with consultant and promises better and more effective results. So be more professional and be more reliable.

  1. Be Quick to Respond to Customer Communication

For flawless Startup Consulting Services, you must be very prompt in communicating with your customer. In a normal scenario, clients find it difficult to reach to their consultants which are surely not a positive thing. Be quick to respond to their emails and phone calls. In fact these days communication has gone beyond working hours because of various chat applications. Therefore, do not restrict your communication to office hours only. All time availability is a big plus.

  1. Don’t Hesitate in Working at Different Levels

Don’t just be ready to work at the top level but be prepared to work at different levels in a company. This is because leadership is required at each of the levels and you must be ready to work at all these levels. It is your professional study and analysis which is going to make a difference. You have to be comfortable working at each of these levels. Remember, your profile will always be stronger no matter which organizational level you are working at.

  1. Be Adaptive to Change

Furthermore, you need to be welcoming to the change in order to be successful. To make it happen, you have to follow the trend. If you are still following the traditional modes of communication then somewhere you are gradually going to lose the game. The onus of keeping the startup company ahead is on you and therefore, you cannot afford to be laid back. Be receptive and adaptive to new business models for greater success. This will be mutually beneficial for you and your client in long term.

  1. Focus on Results

It is very important that you focus on results and don’t just rely on suggestions. Your job doesn’t end with giving a few recommendations. This is the most noteworthy point. Just delivering a presentation on the situation client is in along with suggestions is not enough. You also need to be there to provide essential assistance to the customer based on his needs. It can either be your service or your support which your client may require. You must help him create and execute by giving him training and assistance.

With these seven very important points, you can be a much smarted Startup Consulting Services Provider in Jaipur. While you do your job, also keep in mind these key areas which promise to make you the best startup consulting in India… So what are you waiting for???? Imbibe these changes and be the finest startup consulting service in Jaipur.




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