Top 11 PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Development

By APPNWEB Technologies | June 02, 2017

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used programming language. It is extremely suitable for web development and comes with convenience of embedding with HTML. PHP Framework aims at meeting different requirements of modern web development. PHP Web Development ensures organized and maintainable codes. There are various PHP Development Companies in India which offer high quality web development services. They offer development related to PHP Frameworks like Laravel Framework, YII Framework etc.

In this post, we have come up the best 11 PHP frameworks that promise best of Modern Web Development. All of these frameworks are very popular with developer community and are the best solutions for complicated web application. No matter how difficult or what size is your website, they fit with all.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Development

  • Laravel

Laravel tops the charts and there are various reasons to it. It is the best of all when it comes to developing large scale Web Application Development.  It aims at easing the pain of web development by making the usual tasks easier. The idea is not to make any compromises with the functionality of the application but still keeping it a pleasant process. Known as the king of PHP Frameworks, it is backed with various tutorials and community which make it so popular and widely used. Experienced developers consider Laravel as the preeminent PHP framework for Ecommerce Website Development.

  • Phalcon

Phalcon is another amazing PHP framework and is designed to deliver high performance and great speed. It is written in C and comes with the newest of the features that make it perfectly modern. Phalcon has become quite popular in limited time. This is so because it is very easy to learn and can be used for web development of any complexity. It has all the reasons for which PHP developers have fallen for it.

  • Slim

If you have no time to learn PHP then Slim is the best micro framework that takes care of your needs. This open source framework is the best in middleware architecture category. It comes with URL routing and supports various other features inclusive of page templates, caching, flash messages etc. if you wish to develop API’s or simple applications, then this tiny thing is the right choice.

  • Symfony

For large scale projects, Symfony is the best choice. It is a set of decoupled and reusable PHP components which offers amazing platform to create finest PHP applications. The fact that Laravel uses various components of Symfony makes it a powerful framework. Supported by a huge community, this is surely another best PHP Framework on the list.

  • CakePHP

This is another very old framework but it still has not lost its importance. The latest CakePHP 3.0 is an example that it doesn’t want to surrender to the contemporary ones like Phalcon. Therefore, CakePHP is intended to offer improved session management with enhancements in ORM. CakePHP is available for free of cost for Personal or commercial projects.

  • Yii

Yii came in the markets in the year 2008. Though it had lost its popularity to Symfony and Laravel but with its recent release Yii 2.0, it is back on charts. This is an also amazingly modern framework which is a promising choice for modern web development. It is ideal for complicated workflows and offers secure platform.

  • FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a flexible and simple framework driven by community. It is quite a recent introduction compared to other framework. It has not been successful in creating a powerful impact like others but the latest developments suggest new features. No matter how complicated and extensive is your web development need, it caters it all. It is expected to get better in future.

  • Zend PHP Framework

Zend PHP framework will always have a place in the list of PHP Frameworks. Various market giants have used it for developing one of their web projects as it is one of the oldest ones on the list. In addition, It is a great choice for stable, complete and strong web development. Because it is not so easy to learn and comes with multiple configuration options, it is no longer very much popular.

  • Aura

Aura is a collection of various library packages. Each of these packages is designed in a way that it can be used independently. It has no comparison with other PHP frameworks like Laravel and Phalcon but it is a good choice for those who prefer writing their own codes.

  • Codeigniter

Codeigniter has been a very popular framework since its introduction in 2006. It was very fast, very quick to learn and light weight and all these points made it a popular choice. In the last few years, it has lost its popularity because it no longer matches with the needs of modern web development in comparison with other frameworks.

  • Fat-Free

This is an easy to PHP micro-framework. Fat-Free PHP Framework was being launched in 2009 and was very popular because it weighted less than 50 KB. This Framework came with various features which included multilingual, URL router etc. It was a better choice for robust and dynamic web applications.

As a result, These are the top 11 PHP frameworks that meet complex demands of Modern Web Development India.




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