Old SEO Techniques Which You Should Not Follow

By APPNWEB Technologies | July 17, 2017

We are often trapped in the past because we fail to stay updated with what’s new. The same principle applies on SEO strategies. With time, even search engine optimization methods get old and you need to revise the SEO techniques. This is extremely important to stay abreast with what’s new. Something that was doing wonders five years ago will not necessarily do the same magic now.

In this post, a few old SEO techniques have been discussed which are no longer effective. So read on to find which of these strategies don’t feature in the list of SEO Techniques in 2017. So get ready to clear your misconceptions in order to focus your efforts in the right direction!!!!

  • Just focusing on Google

Yes, Google is the most preferred search engine, but it is high time that you start focusing on other search engines as well.  Revise your SEO Strategies and start focusing on various other search engines in the market. This would help you save from risk of focusing just on one and not on all. So it is time to look beyond Google!!

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  •  Don’t Ignore the Designs

Of course, content is extremely important, but giving all the attention just to the content on your site is not a good idea. It is highly recommended that you hire good designers who can give your site a perfect look. Don’t tell them what to do, but do share with them what you are looking for. Remember, web designs are an integral part of SEO equation and cannot be missed. Your designs say a lot about your brand and therefore have to be used right.

  • Article Submission

We all have been submitting articles as a part of our SEO techniques. Submitting articles across websites was surely not a wise use of your time and efforts. Yes, it helped you earn some links back to your website but nothing more. SEO techniques 2017 recommend you to work on strengthening relationships with bloggers. Focus on writing guest posts. These techniques are surely more effective than article submissions. Try them!!

  • Press Release Without Anything Interesting

You may find it surprising, but the fact is that press releases are another waste of time. If you wish to build links then you have got to be more creative than having press releases with no news. To stand out, to get noticed, you have got to do something more worthy. If you will do something noticeable then surely you will have some real news to share, to have effective media relations.

  • Missing on Social Signals

There are lots of websites which have social sharing buttons, but there are still many other websites who have been ignoring them. If you think that you can make it big without including social signals on your website then you are seriously committed a big mistake. SEO techniques in 2017 highly recommend social network signals on your site!!!

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  • Depending On Link Backs Over Content

Of course, link backs are important as they can actually help you achieve higher ranks and amazing traffic to your website. But you must not forget to focus on content marketing, on-site optimization, social signals as they are equally important to make it big.

So if you are still focusing on any of the SEO strategies mentioned above, it is high time!!! Leave these old school search engine optimization methods and opt for the new strategies. Hire a good SEO Company in Jaipur who can help you with your needs.

Which of these Techniques are you going to use???




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