The Science of Shapes in Branding: Triangle Logo Designs

By APPNWEB Technologies | January 13, 2022

Shapes play a role in logo designing as much as color and font do. We associate with shapes in a particular way. You should not choose a logo shape just because you like how it looks. If you are looking for the perfect logo that brings out your brand message and set the tone and character of your brand, consider the logo’s shape also as an important factor. Most of popular brands have the best business logo design because of how much thought and consideration they put into it.

Significance of Triangle in Logo Design

The reason big brands love to use triangles in their logos is not its aesthetic appeal but that it provides combined benefits of circles and squares. Logos with triangular shape mostly means strength. Circle represents unity and square represents construction and foundation; triangle represents all of them together as strength. Not just this, but triangle represents many different things like innovation, power, religion, purpose, movement, precision, etc. depending on its alignment.

It comes as a big advantage that how flexible this shape can be in logo designing. You can substitute the letters A, V, W, etc. with a triangle, make it sit on its base, tilt it on its side, balance it on its edge. Its shape can be tricky but a triangle’s orientation denotes the meaning of a logo. Let’s look at some outstanding brands that own their triangular logo designs and thriving.

  • Google Play Store

The colors in this logo are almost closer to the official Google palette and have no gradient. Four well-defined triangles consists vibrant shades of red, green, yellow and blue. And the inscription is in grey color.

  • Google Drive

Google drive logo depicts a white triangle enclosed in a dimensional frame with different colors in its three sides. The triangle symbolizes data protection.

  • Fila

Fila’s present logo remains cleverly artistic due to the very smart use of letter “F” and the colors used. Letter “A” has been substituted for the triangle attached with letter “L”.

  • Guess

You can instantly recognize the Guess logo with company’s name in the triangle. It consists of two triangles (including the dot under question mark).

  • Airbnb

The letter “A” is rounded and forms an upside down heart shape (curved triangle) in the current logo of Airbnb. Drop-shape loop in the middle of the logo indicate the location pin symbol and a human head.

  • Toblerone

The Toblerone chocolate bar is produced in Switzerland. Its chocolate bars are unusual triangular shaped consisting of milk chocolate, honey, almonds and nougat. The triangular logo represents a mountain with a bear on it.

  • Adidas

The mountain shaped three stripes of Adidas logo embodies the determination of an athlete towards their goal/focus. It represents that people need to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

  • Ducati

Ducati logo consists of a red colored inverted triangle with round corners and a white stripe, like a shield. It represents victory and speed.

  • DLF Building

The pyramid that consist of nine small pyramids, symbolizes the support, interdependence and foundation of the company. “Building India” is also a part of DLF Building logo which represents that this company is a prime contributor to the country’s growth.


You’ll connect with more customers if your logo projects the right message to your audience. And ultimately, more customers mean increase in ROI. So, if you are looking for a logo design company in Jaipur that can perfectly pass on your brand idea and purpose, APPNWEB Technologies is there to help you. Contact us for your logo designing project.

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