Latest iOS App Development Trends in 2017

By APPNWEB Technologies | September 16, 2017

Every year, we see some interesting technological changes in iOS app development. iOS app developers are always up for something new to keep the craze for Apple alive. So if we talk about mobile app development trends in 2017, we are not done until we have discussed iOS app development trends. Over the past few years, Apple has completely revolutionized iPhone app development. Not just the quality of these apps is impressive, but their numbers and users are on a constant rise. This surely makes one curious to know what’s next in iOS app development. Apple users are always inquisitive to know the trends and their effect on making the whole experience all the more thrilling!!!

If you also plan to head for enterprise mobile app development for your business or any other iOS app development for your customers, know the latest trends in 2017. APPNWEB Technologies is a mobile app development company in Jaipur, India, with offering its services across the UK, UAE, etc. has come up with some amazing iOS app development trends in 2017 to look out for.

Swift 3.0

Swift 3.0 is one of the best programming languages which is an open-source platform for developing iOS apps. This would definitely bring about a big change for app development companies as the whole process of mobile app development would become much swifter. Using XCode tools, iOS developers can write code with the utmost ease.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has completely transformed the app gaming industry and the utilization of GPS technology. It promises interactive and engaging experiences for users. In fact, developers can use it for creating Virtual Reality games for the game lovers which would surpass all the experiences that have made a mark.

Security Concerns

Apple has always been concerned with security and to make it top-notch, there are various technologies that add to the kitty. Some of these technologies include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT etc., which are very effective in offering secure iOS development. This surely adds on to the work of app developers to work harder on the security front. That’s the reason Apple users always feel safe.

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Cloud Storage

To add on to the performance and functioning of iOS applications, cloud storage has played an important role. There has been a significant ease in working on a Mac, Apple and iPad while working through iOS applications.


In the last couple of years, the advancement in m-commerce has been tremendous. More and more consumers have started using mobile apps for shopping and the trend is expected to go on. Beacons and wallets provide all the ease of shopping to online shoppers. With better integration with iOS devices, these apps are surely going to work as stations for revenue generation.

Enterprise Market Dominance

Mobile apps are not just limited to games or shopping. Enterprise apps are what ruling the markets in the business world as they make routine business work simpler for the employees and employers. iOS enterprise development is another trend which is going to be seen in this year. This would push the businesses to perform better as routine jobs would be taken care of.

Geolocating and iBeacon

You can now enjoy smarter applications that come with location support by using iBeacon. Now hire iOS app developers that can create amazing m-commerce and e-commerce apps for different kinds of businesses using these technologies.

These are some of the trends in iOS development which must be studied before hiring any professional. Wait for these trends to rock 2017 and uplift the experience of using iOS apps.




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