Laravel vs CakePHP : Which is the Best PHP Framework?

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PHP has always been the most preferred platform for web developers whenever we talk about creating dynamic websites or developing engaging applications. Using PHP frameworks gives us all the room to have cost effective websites that come with amazing user interface and enthralling experience. There are various PHP frameworks web developers have been using for web development. And in this post, we shall figure out which is the better pick between Laravel and Cake PHP in having a desirable website or app.

Advantages of Using Framework

  • They come with extensive libraries, active communities and helpers which impart ease of changing database, best of security, comfortable unit testing, easier upgrading and maintenance along with lesser requirement for coding etc.
  • The MVC pattern with framework offers more functionality.
  • There are various choices of frameworks for developers to select from.

Laravel PHP Framework

This is a PHP web framework which comes with model view controller or MVC and architectural pattern. The features of Laravel framework include different ways to access relational database, utilities that are helpful in development of application and maintaining it.

CakePHP Framework

CakePHP is another PHP framework which utilizes different software design patterns along with popular software engineering concepts that make web development much more rewarding.

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Selecting Between Laravel and CakePHP Framework

When selecting the framework, you must know which framework to opt for. The choice of PHP framework largely depends upon the requirements of the project and the web developer. CakePHP and Laravel, both come with their own set of benefits and features which make them so popular.

To make it an easier task for you, we have come up with the differences between the two:

  • Better Object Relational Mapping

CakePHP comes with an amazing ORM which makes it very comfortable to build queries. Likewise, Laravel also comes with ORM which adds on to making the task simpler.

  • Robust Plugins

Out of the two choices, CakePHP comes with much more robust plugins. This makes it very easier for the codes to be copied. This in turn helps in keeping the app folder clean and clear as codes can be comfortably reused.

  • Extendable Template Engine

Laravel web developers always opt this framework because it comes with a fast and easy to extend template engine. This makes it very easy for the developers to add more features to the website or application with easy configuration.  The job is made easier for developers.

  • Ease of Usage

Laravel always rank higher than CakePHP framework when we talk about ease of usage. It gives complete room to the developer to show his creativity and comes with easy readability.

  • Healthier Support

While using CakePHP, you can expect better support from peers. This is because this framework has been in the market before Laravel came and therefore, it has wider community. You can easily find answers to your queries with such a vast community. All you need to do is submit your query and it will be resolved quickly.

  • More Flexibility

CakePHP is far more flexible than Laravel. Not only this, it comes with stronger reverse routing. The developers can simply adjust the URL structure at one place. This saves their time and efforts as they don’t have to keep calling for changes.

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These are some of the differences between the two which suggest that CakePHP is a better choice. But then it is still very much subjective to the requirement of the developer. So if you are hiring Laravel developers in India, APPNWEB Technologies is the Best Web Development Company in Jaipur, gets more clarity on their differences to have a better understanding. This would help you select the best Laravel or CakePHP development Services.

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