Drone Taxi – Future Technology Introducing in Dubai

By APPNWEB Technologies | May 24, 2017

Drone Taxi is the recent development in the world of Science. It is an autonomous aerial vehicle which is designed to carry one passenger weighting up to 100 kilograms along with a small suitcase. This urban multi-rotor taxi is designed into a small aircraft which can efficiently travel for up to 50 km and can land and launch vertically. These egg-shaped drones promise a comfortable air travel of up to 30 minutes. Drone Taxi is surely a very interesting invention which is designed to make travel within the city quicker, easier and more comfortable.

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Country planning to launch these pilotless Drone Taxis in the world. Various test drives of these drone taxis have been conducted. And it is expected that by July, 2017 we will see them soaring high in sky in Dubai.

Benefits of Drone Taxis

Well, there are various advantages of Drone Taxis which have got them so much of attention. Here are some of the benefits of these unique taxis:

  • Beat the traffic

Traffic on the roads is increasing with every passing day. More and more vehicles are the result of congestion which makes your ride on the road more difficult. With these Wonderful Drone Taxis, you can easily fly to your desired location without any traffic. Drone Taxi is the biggest relief from everyday traffic that interferes with your comfort and time.

  • Quick to reach

Because there is no traffic, you can surely save your time to reach to your destination. If you plan to your fly to your office which is at a distance of 10 km, it will take you just 10 minutes to reach there. Thanks to these aerial vehicles, you can save on your time. For those who have to travel a lot within the city for work, these drone taxis are a luxury. They save the hassles of spending hours driving to the destination.

  • Pilotless

You don’t have to learn flying to fly these drones because it is automatic. It is fitted with hi-tech navigation system which requires you just to select your destination and you are ready to fly without any hassle.

  • Pollution-Free

It comes with a battery which lasts for almost 30 minutes. This means that this amazing aerial vehicle doesn’t cause any pollution. All you need is electricity to recharge it and you are ready to go.

  • Directed by Command Centre

This autopilot device is connected, directed and controlled via command centre which makes the control easier.

  • User-Friendly

If you think that you require some special training to fly these drone taxis then you are wrong because these are very user-friendly. Just clicking a few buttons is all you need and you are sorted. This is again a very big advantage as anyone and everyone can fly it with ease.


Drone Taxis are designed to make lives easier and travel within the city very comfortable and quicker. They are surely expected to bring a revolutionary change the way we travel.

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