Doctor Appointment Booking App Development: A Run-Through

By APPNWEB Technologies | January 29, 2022

In this digital era, one of the most well-known existing fields is healthcare industry. This market and field is ever-growing and that is exactly the reason for increased demand in healthcare software like online doctor appointment app. And increased demand results in high competition which means you’ve a pool of options to choose from.

Before we discuss about how you should choose the right company for your mobile app development, let’s look at the benefits and features of a doctor appointment booking app.

Benefits of Doctors’ Appointment App

The availability of smartphone and high-velocity internet has given a plenty of freedom to healthcare it sectors for contactless collaboration between doctors and patients, in this fast-paced world. It is quite necessary to move your clinic to the digital platform to reach an essentially new level of medical care. Robust solutions are what you need to meet the ongoing healthcare demands.

  • With the ongoing pandemic circumstances, both doctors and patients need minimum physical contact with outsiders. A doctor appointment mobile app will save both doctors and patients from a long queue.
  • Such applications are much more convenient than the actual visit to a doctor. It saves time and money for doctors as well as patients.

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  • Once you book a doctor appointment online, the chances are very less that it’ll be cancelled. Both parties can utilize the available/given hours to maximum potential. So, reduced cancellation is a big advantage of mHealth apps.
  • Traditionally, in-person doctor appointment goes in a hurry as the doctor has to see to multiple patients. But here, on healthcare mobile application the patient can get more connected with the doctor through frequent interactions, efficient healthcare management, organized appointments, etc. and become more informed and confident about the problem/disease that they have.
  • A big headache for both doctors and patients is that they have to keep the mounting paperwork safely. Which often gets misplaced or they couldn’t find it on time. Healthcare mobile application solves this problem very easily. All your data get saved in the app and you can use it whenever you want.
  • Sometimes it happens that either doctor or patient forgets about the appointment and miss it. Here, both the parties can get timely reminders of scheduled appointment and decrease the possibility of no-shows.

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  • In mHealth applications various features like patient data and medical billing are automated. Such features simplify the medical billing and its process for everyone. And there are no chances of manual errors in it.
  • Healthcare mobile application ensures the efficient and timely services to patients and therefore enhances the patient experience.
  • These doctor appointment booking applications are easily accessible to all. Another benefit is that it allows the doc/physician to be easily accessible to the patient which makes caregiving efficient. Patients can schedule the appointment by themselves without bothering the administrative staff.
  • mHealth applications allow us to embed it with various tools and technology like activity level measures, oximeter, sugar testing etc. So a self-monitoring of health feature can help in reducing the pressure on medical care organization and the patient can take responsibility for keeping an eye on their own health.

Common Features of Doctor Appointment App

As mentioned before, mHealth apps allow us to integrate various tools and features to it. So, it’s upon an individual for which features they does want in their app. Below are some of the common features that generally all mHealth/eHealth applications contain:

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  • Administrator profile
  • Doctor profile
  • Patient profile
  • Online/offline doctor appointment booking
  • Map integration
  • Doctor listing
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Search filters
  • Health tracking and monitoring
  • Prescriptions
  • Cost calculator
  • Online video conferencing
  • Payment gateways and eBilling

How to choose the right Company for Doctors’ Appointment App Development

Along with the popularity of doctor appointment apps, a great number of health conscious people and fitness-freaks are being attracted to wearables to monitor their health parameters. To be on the safe side, you can go for a company that has already developed such applications and maybe wearables as well. Go through their portfolio, find out how many similar projects they’ve worked on, are they scalable, what their clients has to say about them, etc. then finalize them for your eHealth/mHealth application development.

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