Delivery Route Planning and Route Optimization Software: Things to know

By APPNWEB Technologies | February 24, 2022

It’s critical for logistics stakeholders to embrace delivery route planning and optimization software. Although deliveries are their major part of retail business. Delivery experience directly affect the customer experience. Therefore, slow or wrong deliveries could result in losing customers.

Ensuring a seamless delivery by traditional methods can be quite challenging and to solve this problem, taking help of an intelligent software is the best option. Let’s know what is delivery route planning and optimization and what their benefits are.

What is Delivery Route Planning Software?

Delivery route planning is the task to pick out best route for maximum deliveries possible avoiding traffic. Basically, to find the most economical and efficient route among delivery points is called delivery route planning. And route panning software helps businesses doing so using sophisticated algorithms. It:

  • reduce fuel cost,
  • minimize delays,
  • better customer experience,
  • improve resources

that eventually makes every delivery profitable. Investing in delivery route planning software cuts extra fuel cost and save money and time. This is the primary reason that most companies invest initially in it.

Looking at all the possible number of permutations, it’s proven that software assisted route plans are a lot more accurate and beneficial than manually planned routes. This also gives you the confidence to commit to fast and timely delivery to the customer which results in best and timely goods delivery. Meaning happy customers. And continuing the improved delivery service to your customer for long term gives you loyal customers and their repetitive orders/delivery service.

Why do you need it?

Good customer experience is something that you can’t take lightly. Let’s say it’s Saturday and you’ve to make multiple deliveries in limited time period with limited drivers. Not to forget it is usually busier than week days. What will you do?

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Here comes the delivery route planning software to your help. It helps you in giving best delivery service to your customers.

Benefits of Route Planning Software

The benefits of this delivery route planning software are not limited to just transportation department. Route planning can be used to sort labour requirements and create more efficient staff planning as well. Mentioned below are the benefits of route planning software for businesses:

  • Saves money

This software saves you from running those extra miles and spending extra money on fuel.

  • Improves customer experience

Who doesn’t love fast and timely delivery! Route planning software shows the most efficient and economic route so that the goods can reach customers accurately.

  • Become more accountable

The automated reporting via this software shows transparency and makes your service more accountable.

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  • Reduces planning time

Manual delivery planning takes much more time than software. You can easily use this time to solve other complex problems in the company.

  • Reduces/Removes unnecessary paperwork

This is one of the best benefits of delivery route planning software. It is also good for environment as it saves a load of unnecessary paperwork. Along with this, it cuts the risk of losing or damaging an important information on paper. The data processing also becomes fast and saves you time.

  • Drivers become happier

It increases the driver’s confidence when their work is done on time, without much hassle. Timely delivery is their biggest concern and this software solves it just right.

What is Delivery Route Optimization?

Delivery route optimization is the next step after delivery route planning. It maximizes the number of deliveries on a route in minimum time possible. Route optimization is the best way to increase the number of deliveries completed daily for shippers. It is a crucial capability in today’s era where e-commerce is very common.

Traditionally, when a manager or dispatcher decides the routes a driver will take, it takes higher time in delivering goods in short time. Especially when order volume increases and on-demand deliveries are taken into consideration, logistics become more complex. Delivery route optimization solves all these problems by creating most efficient transport plans with the help of software.

Benefits of Route Optimization Software

Route optimization software suggests best routes avoiding traffic with multi-stop deliveries. It doesn’t only tells drivers about where to go but has many other benefits:

  • Reduces fuel costs

Every mile less travelled means less use of fuel and that saves money.

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  • Increases number of deliveries per day

Multi-stop and maximum deliveries in short time increases business. This doesn’t mean burden on both you and drivers as the software will inform when you need to add more drivers to complete more deliveries on time.

  • Improves customer service

To commit to and complete a delivery on time, you need to see the real time tracking updates. Customers can also view it and have the facility to talk directly to the driver. You can also take their feedback and continually improve your service and customer experience.

  • Achieve driver satisfaction

Optimized routes have very less chances of your drivers getting stranded in traffic or getting lost in unknown roads/streets. It helps them in completing all their deliveries on time. And keeps them both, drivers and customers, happy.

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