Best 6 Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process

By APPNWEB Technologies | July 07, 2017

With the passage of time, we have seen users migrating from websites to mobile apps. The purpose of a mobile app is not only keeping the users engaged, but they also aim at simplifying the operations. Whenever we talk about mobile app development process, we must make sure that the pace of development is not too slow. Make sure you take all possible measures to speed up the mobile app development process to have it completed on time.

In this post, we have discussed 6 ways in which you can speed up the app development process without wasting your time.

     1. Minimum Viable Product or MVP

MVP is a concept in which the app is released with minimum number of features or functionalities. To create a perfect mobile app, you need lots of time, which might delay the launch of the app. Therefore, to save your app from such delays, you can release it with bare minimum features and keep working on enhancing them further. The idea is to make the app live without wasting any time on improvising its features in detail. Once the app is launched then developers work on it constantly to improvise it further. The best part is that you can get real time feedback from the users that will help you improve in a better way. But before launching your app, make sure that your app is complete in a certain manner or else it can be disappointing.

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     2. Agile

This is the concept similar to MVP discussed above. This concept also revolves around the idea of releasing the app with minimum features and keep on adding more features. Agile focuses on setting milestones and taking feedbacks. It also ranks time, budget and features and works on them accordingly. This is the second step after MVP and is more focused. The team has to work in coordination in order to prioritize the time, finances and the features of the application in order to come up with the best equation.

     3. Automation

In order to launch your app quickly into the market, you can use automation. There are various automated testing softwares in the market, which make mobile application testing automatic. This saves time and energy of the developer as the mobile app is simultaneously tested using the software. This is much easier than testing the app manually so that you can launch your app quick and easy. So if you wish to waste no time in launching your app then you must select one of this software. This would help you utilize your time for the best possible thing other than testing.

     4. Wireframe

A Wireframe is the technical word for the blueprint of a mobile app. With Wireframe, you can have answers to various questions in connection with your mobile application. It is very much helpful in having a comfortable communication within your team. This helps in having a clear picture of the mobile app development process along with suspected obstacles. The idea is to have a broad view of your mobile app in advance so that all the planning and allocation can be done in accordance.

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     5. Hybrid Apps

Instead of going for apps for a particular operating system, you can go with hybrid apps. Hybrid apps can work smoothly across different mobile operating systems. This means that the developer doesn’t have to invest his time developing separate codes for different OS. Hybrid apps not only make the mobile app development process faster, but are also pocket friendly and portable. So to fasten the process, work on developing hybrid applications that save your time and efforts.

     6. Outsource Few Features

If you are very much particular with the release date of your mobile app, then outsourcing a few features is a good idea. Your team may not be equally efficient at work on all platforms and therefore, outsourcing will enhance the results. This will not only help you fasten the process, but will also bring better results. It is like hiring a person for a job in which he is a master to get the best output. So find out what all jobs you can outsource in order to save your time and enhance the performance.

Use these ideas to speed up your mobile app development process without any hassles. They can surely make a remarkable difference to the speed of the development process. And you will be able to launch your app just on time.




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