A Guide to Instagram Video Formats for Marketing Use

By APPNWEB Technologies | January 22, 2022

Instagram started out as a supreme platform for sharing content through photos. Now, it has many other features and bombarded with all kinds of visual content, be it picture or video. This platform has a huge audience and offers great opportunities for marketers, content creators, influencers and audience itself.

Being one of the major platforms for social media marketing, Instagram has four video formats for visual creators:

  •  Live
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV/Feed videos

Using video content on Instagram is very effective to connect with users as majority of audience consume and is attracted to it. That’s why it is also the social network of choice for creators and marketers for search engine optimization (SMO). It helps in growing and managing online presence, increasing brand/service/product/organization awareness, connecting and building trust with customers and passing on any kind of message to the audience.

How to use the four Instagram video types for your brand

There are more than 1.3 billion Instagram users. Instagram videos are very constructive in organic reach and paid campaigns as it allows you to feature your products visually and show them in action.

Now comes here the biggest question that ‘which is the right format for your product?’ It’s equally necessary to know the correct use of Instagram videos for getting successful results. Each one of the four Instagram video formats can promote your product or brand differently. Let’s look at some important factors like how, when, where and which format to use right video type for your brand/ product/ service/ organization.

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  1. Instagram Live

Instagram live is a real-time video streaming feature that lets user interact with their followers through live broadcast on Instagram stories. It also allows you to save the whole stream so that users can watch later as well. It is significant for connecting directly with your audience, sharing any/brand news and building engagement, as:

  • 80% of users rely on Instagram to make a decision for whether to buy a product or service, according to Instagram stats for 2021.
  • If we talk about event, 67% of users who watched a live video bought the ticket to an alike event happened next time.
  • 80% and 82% of audiences prefer to watch a livestream over reading a blog post and seeing a social media post respectively.

A huge advantage of Instagram live is that it allows you to be more in the moment. Though it comes with the risk of things going wrong but if you want to create more authenticity among your audience, it is the best option.

  1. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a feature that allows you to share any moment of your life or any post for 24 hours on your profile. It appears in a slideshow format when you share multiple photos and videos. You can share a short 15 seconds videos there. This feature is fun as it allows you to be as creative as possible through all the text and drawing tools available like stickers, grids, GIFs, mentions, draw etc. and ask me anything, Quiz feature. One can post as many stories as they want to attract users’ attention.

58% of the Instagram users admit that they become more interested in a brand or product on seeing it in a story. And more than 500 million people access Instagram stories daily. That’s why every month 4 million business owners choose to advertise on Stories.

  1. Instagram Reels

Instagram reels is a video content format feature that lets an individual create and share entertaining and engaging videos up to 1 minute. Unlike Instagram stories, they appear forever on your page. It has gained a lot of popularity among brands, influencers, content creators and everyone else. Although it was criticized for copying TikTok, users have now embraced this feature wholly.

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It is very beneficial for brands to use in their Instagram marketing strategy. Using various audio, video effects and other creative tools, you can create your brand image in the audience. It can be shared on feed and on stories both.

  1. Instagram IGTV/Feed Videos

Instagram IGTV and in-feed videos format was introduced in 2021. You can upload maximum one hour long video on your feed now. And also use some new features like location tagging, trimming and filters in it.

If you are doing digital marketing for your brand, you can use this feature to reach more audience and keep it on your page. It also lets you create a 60-seeconds trailer for lengthy videos.

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