7 Major Differences Between iOS and Android App Development

By APPNWEB Technologies | May 02, 2017

Mobile Apps are what every business is in need of these days. Be it a small scale company or a large multinational, no one can do without Mobile App Development. But before actually deciding which platform to go for, you need to understand the difference. Know how android app development is different from iOS app development. This will help you understand which platform to select to design your mobile applications. Knowing the difference is important to know which platform is better in which scenario.

In this post, we have highlighted seven strong differences between iOS and android app development which are a great help in taking a decision. These points aim at resolving the confusion between iOS vs Android app development so that you are able to pick the one which suits perfectly to your needs. Read these major differences for more clarity.

Ease in Distribution Platforms

Once the app is uploaded on Google Play, Android mobile app developers are free to update the app in the span of two hours. They can read the reviews and make the required changes. In case of iOS apps, once the application is uploaded on Apple App Store, it takes two weeks time for developers before they can make any change. This makes Google Play more flexible compared to Apple Store as it makes updates quick and easy.

Share in the Market

It is very much evident from the market statistics that Android has been in the dominating position over iOS market. Looking at the figures of 2016, Android mobile apps had a share of 87.6% in the year 2016. There is no doubt in stating that Android is gaining more popularity over iOS.

The Coding Language

For Android App Development, the language used for coding is Java. Likewise for iOS app development, Objective C or Swift is the choices of coding language. Now-a-days, Swift has been widely used which is faster language and has now become an open source platform. Therefore, developers have the best of the opportunities when it comes to working on this language.

Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environment or IDE is a tool for developing mobile application. For android, IDE used in present times is Android Studio which promises a wonderful and advanced process of development compared with Eclipse IDE which was used prior. Android Studio gives the liberty to use Java along with C or C++. It conveniently brings together everything like documentation, tooltip help etc. In case of iOS development, use of code on Mac is needed for development iOS apps. For conducting a test on real device, an annual subscription fee is required to be paid.

Generation of Revenues

Every business wants to know how much profit the mobile app is going to get them. Revenue generation in case of an android app lags far behind as compared with iOS apps. In fact, the difference is huge. iOS mobile apps generate revenues as high as 75% in comparison with android apps. So if you are planning to go for iOS app development then this is one big plus.

Fee to Enter

After developing an app, you have to upload it to some digital distribution platform. And for this, a certain fee amount has to be given. If you have an android app then having it uploaded on Google Play Store will cost you $25 and you just need a PC to get started. Likewise, for an iOS mobile app, you need to pay a sum of $99 and a Mac to start with iOS app development.

Design Difference

When we talk about iOS vs android app development, you cannot miss on discussing design differences. We all know that an android app looks way too different from an android app. And here are a few differences that are quite evident:

  • With placement of title on top left in android apps, it appears in the centre in iOS apps.
  • Drawer menu is used as navigation pattern in case of Android apps. On the other hand, navigation pattern in iOS uses a tab bar.
  • Apple now uses plain and minimalistic design style with buttons and icons to keep it simple. And android uses material design which keeps it close to a natural look.

These are some of the key 7 differences that make an iOS App Development very different from android app development. So if you are planning to go for mobile app development then look into these points to take a much better decision in relation with selecting the platform. All you need to know is what you desire, how much money you are ready to invest and what kind of returns you aim at and the question of iOS versus android will be answered with ease!!!




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