7 Important Reasons That Proves Increasing Importance of Laravel Development in 2017

By APPNWEB Technologies | September 20, 2017

Larval PHP Framework is nothing but a simple set of PHP files that are developed with an intention to facilitate programming using PHP. The purpose of the Laravel PHP framework is to provide easy ways to implement methods and functions to help you do the work. Professional expert Laravel developers excel in designing robust frameworks that can solve the problems.

Laravel is an open-source platform and it uses the MVC pattern for creating the most amazing web applications. In addition, the main purpose of Laravel is to effectively manage the logic and stylize the web application by working as an intermediate system. If you are in need of professional Laravel development services for Laravel development or web development then you must first look into the growing importance of Laravel Development in 2017.

Reasons that Make Laravel PHP Framework So Popular

Let us read through the reasons which make the Laravel framework a choice of many developers:

1. Laravel is Very Secure

By using Laravel, you can rest assured with the security of your web application as it promises complete protection. It effectively provides security against potential risks which can hamper your web application. Because Laravel is an intermediate function. It gives access to information and application. This makes it very much secure.

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2. Quicker Web Application

Laravel promises faster web applications development because it offers easy integration with the tools. This means that it supports all the popular backend cache which makes it possible for Laravel to ensure a faster application.

3. Simplified Construction, Authentication and Authorization

The process of authentication of web applications is one very simple process. Laravel also ensures a quick and easy process to organize authorization. There is also complete control over access provided to the users. All these comforts make Laravel PHP a popular choice with developers.

4. Testing Work Made Easier

Laravel framework comes with complete support for testing. As a result, this makes it quick and easy for the application to encourage the behavior of the users. Finally, there is the ease of sending requests on the apps or in managing the different kinds of outputs on the app.

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5. Routing Configuration Made Automatic

Laravel framework offers quite simple and extremely expressive methods when it comes to defining the routes. At the onset of the framework, the routes load automatically as all these Laravel routes are defined in the PHP files as app/HTTP/routes which makes the process quicker.

6. Prior Mail Service Integration

SwiftMailern is a popular library and Laravel provides a simple API for it. Along with APIs, the Laravel framework also offers various other drivers, some of which include SparPost, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill etc. Using these, it is very easy for users to send emails using the cloud-based server without wasting any time.

7. Configuration Handling Using Integrated Library

With Laravel, you can access the enormous miscalculation and exception handling library. The monolog logging library offers support for a diversity of influential log handlers.

These are some of the reasons which suggest that why Laravel development is widely preferred by developers because it comes with ease and functions.




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