10 Best Reasons for Selecting Shopify in 2017

By APPNWEB Technologies | July 26, 2017

In the last couple of years, we have seen how amazing technology has impacted our lives. And one such significant impact is online shopping. From traditional concrete retails stores, we have moved on to eCommerce platforms to find anything and everything. Whenever we talk about eCommerce development, we cannot miss on Shopify Development because over these years, it has become a strong name in web development.

In this post, we have discussed the top 10 reasons for selecting Shopify in 2017 is the right thing to do.

     1. Customer Security

Shopify takes into account the safety and security of customers with priority. Customers trust eCommerce platforms that are high on credibility and the security provided by Shopify development is equivalent to that provided by internet banking.

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     2. Extremely Easy to Use

There is no doubt that Shopify is an easy to use eCommerce option. Any business can comfortably and quickly have its online store development by hiring a promising Shopify Development Company in Jaipur. You don’t need to worry about investing too much money or getting into the complicated process of coding.

     3. 24/7 Support

It offers round the clock support to clients. You can get in touch with the customer support team through email, phone or live chat to have all your issues rectified at any time of the day. This ease of getting support makes it a good choice once again.

     4. Extensive Design Choices

We understand the importance of good designs. That’s the reason Shopify Development offers various designing options to get an attractive online store for your business. You can have custom made stores that suit your business just on one click or over an email. It is truly that simple to get designs of your choice with Shopify.

     5. Multiple Channels to Sell

With Shopify Development, you can have one single platform using which you can sell the same products through different channels. This makes it very comfortable for businesses to sell their products on online portals, social media, pop-up, shops etc. This saves time, effort and resources and also offers a consistent shopping experience for buyers across all channels.

     6. Mobile-Friendly and Secure

This is another advantage of this eCommerce platform. It comes with built-in mobile eCommerce cart features so that you can have your online store work with ease even on smartphones. This is a strong benefit of going ahead with Shopify Web Development.

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     7. Ease of Administering

It makes it easier for businesses to manage their day to day working. This platform induces ease of doing business by managing different fronts. This means you are all free to focus on making money, working on new concepts to take your business to another level.

     8. Promising Hosting Solutions

When you have an online store, you not only require good speed from hosting but you also want security. Shopify takes care of both these requirements. It is designed to work even when the traffic is high. It comes with automatic backups to keep you updated at all times.

     9. Community of Entrepreneurs

You can learn everything and more about Shopify with the Community of Entrepreneurs who are there to share experiences and guide the beginners.

     10. Stronger Marketing

You can easily go for making important elements of your website SEO friendly. This can be done by optimizing your page titles or having unique URLs. This is very much important from the point of view of online marketing.

These are the 10 important reasons which will surely compel you to think of hiring a good Shopify development company to have your own online store.




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